Westborough TV Builds Brand Visibility with Custom Fabric Tripod Wraps

One of the most satisfying things we do at ICL is to help our clients take a rough (but awesome!) idea from the back of a napkin, and turn into a prime-time visual communication success story.

Westborough TV knew they were missing out on a branding opportunity and turned to ICL for a solution. We talked through the ideas, came up with a prototype, and… well, let’s hear the rest from Karen Henderson, General Manager of Westborough TV.

These tripod wraps created by ICL are exactly what I was looking for to help market our organization and services when we are on location. We used to go to a site, set up our cameras, and people would wonder who the heck we were. I’d been looking for a way that people could identify us at a glance but had struck out on a solution, until ICL created these fabric tripod wraps. It has had a major impact on marketing our organization when we are out in the community. In the past few months since we started using the tripod wraps, I’ve had more people come up to comment, ask questions, or get information about where to watch our productions than I’d had in the past eight years!

Thanks to ICL’s design, it is a cinch to use. It simply wraps around the tripod and attaches with Velcro. It is easy on and off, and out of the way of wires. The material doesn’t wrinkle and easily folds up into the tripod or camera bag. Dealing with ICL was also a pleasure – we gave them our dimensions and they created the wraps to fit our particular tripods. They were easy to work with and I really couldn’t be happier with the result. Highly recommended for other access stations, photographers or media companies.”  

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