Fabric Graphics from ICL Imaging, Large Format Printers

Sewing a fabric graphic banner at ICL Imaging

Did we mention we print to fabric? Not to brag, but we’ve been printing to fabric since 1996, and we have learned a few things over the ensuing decades.

First, if you want your fabric graphics to visually pop, dye-sublimation is the only way to go. Your image is printed to a special paper, then that paper is run through a high-speed transfer machine at high heat and pressure. Much like a diamond formed from a lump of coal, your image is transferred from the paper to the fabric of your choice, and it’s not going anywhere. The ink, when subjected to high heat and pressure, changes state from solid to gas, and that gas becomes impregnated into the weave of the fabric. This is not ink sitting on top of fabric, this is ink becoming ONE with fabric.

Second, everyone likes a choice. At ICL Imaging, we have more types of fabric than our inventory manager would like, but just the right amount to keep our clients coming back. We currently stock 20 of the most popular varieties, and can special order even more if there is something you absolutely cannot live without. We have everything from sheer to light-blocking, and even a few options that can be backlit for a really cool effect!

Third, silicone edge graphics (SEG) are the latest greatest thing. By attaching a silicone gasket to the edge of our dye sub fabric, these graphics can be fit into an aluminum extrusion for a modern, seamless appearance. Several years ago, these began as specialty trade show booth fixtures (we are a certified printer for the beMatrix system) but are now widely used in retail POP displays and office environmental graphics. They are literally everywhere.

Fourth, fabric graphics are so much easier to ship, they made everyone wonder why we hadn’t thought of this before. They roll up, are lightweight, and make shipping considerably less expensive than rigid panels. That’s not to say there isn’t a place for rigidity in this world, but visual impact with easier transport is a win-win in many circumstances.

What else?

*Our dye sub graphics are all NFPA rated by the Nation Fire Protection Agency.

*We have a full stitching department which can create pole pockets, sew in Velcro strips, add zippers, or create pillowcase graphics to fit over a rigid frame.

*Table drapes? Is that even a question? We’ve got you covered.