ICL Imaging Invests in the Canon Colorado 1650 for Enhanced Large Format Print Solutions


We are excited to present our latest investment in top of the line, large format printing and graphics technology – the Canon Colorado 1650.

Among a host of excellent features, it offers unique Canon UVgel and FLXfinish technology. This allows for a choice between matte or gloss mode depending on the finish a client would like to achieve with a given project.

ICL producing 1970’s retro wallpaper for a media production company – 20 oz. matte Dreamscape wall covering

Erik Scott, Director of Sales & Marketing at ICL, spoke with Mark Eaton, Director of Operations, about some of our initial experiences with the Colorado.

Erik: What is the biggest difference you’ve seen thus far in production since we’ve gotten the Colorado up and running?
Mark: Quicker turn times. It’s allowing us to handle more rush work which has become more common particularly over the past year or so, without upsetting other work we already have in progress.

Erik: What are your thoughts about the UVgel ink?
Mark: The quality is really outstanding. Prints come out very sharp, and have a smoother appearance. It has an offset print feel to it.

Erik: Have you realized any unexpected benefits?
Mark: The Canon color profiles out of the box have been very good. That accuracy is saving us time on color management and providing our clients with a high quality finished product.

Key Features:

  • Print resolution up to 1,800 dpi
  • Roll width up to 64”
  • UVgel 460 ink, CMYK

Key Applications:

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