We accept the following native applications from the Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat PDF. We also accept Tiffs, EPS & JPEG files.

When providing PDF files, please embed all fonts and make sure that all raster photos have a resolution of 150 ppi at the final size.

We accept images in both RGB or CMYK color spaces when working with Photographic or Raster images. Please make certain that the images have a resolution between 100 ppi to 150 ppi at the final print size. Scaling images larger will reduce the resolution and the printed images may become pixelated. Note: Minimum acceptable ppi is 100 ppi at 100 percent of the final size.

Keep all text as vector type. Avoid rasterizing text to make sure that it prints sharply. This will also ensure that we can edit the text easily upon request.

When providing native files, InDesign or Illustrator, please make sure to also provide all of the supporting and imported files and fonts. The best way to do this is to use the application’s Package feature. This will save everything that the document uses. Make sure to embed all color profiles with the document.

When setting ups colors in the document, please use the Color Book Pantone Solid Coated or Uncoated (Preferred method)

If your project requires white ink printing, please make sure to specify a SPOT color swatch and name it “White.”  All objects that have “White” fill must have an Overprint Attribute applied to them.

If digital cutting is required, please define the bounding area or the cut file with a SPOT color named “CutContour” and apply the color to the stroke or border with a size of 0.01 pt.  Do not apply the CutContour to the fill. The names for the Spot colors are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as indicated above.

Contact Us with any questions!