Prototyping & 3D Rendering

We’re visual people, and since you’re here, you probably are, too. Sometimes an idea takes root in the mind’s eye, but translating it into words is like dancing about architecture—it loses something in translation.

Fortunately, ICL Imaging is here to help. We can take your back-of-the-napkin sketch, or your verbal description and digital images and translate them into something truly fantastic. Our expert digital imaging technicians can show you what that hallway will look like with a Boston cityscape printed and installed. Or how your break room could be transformed into a European café, simply by fitting your images into a computer-generated 3D rendering of the space. It saves time and appeals to our visual nature.

But what about prototyping?

Let’s say you have an idea—we’ll say a really good idea—and you want to make a bunch of them.

Maybe 5, maybe 100.

But before you go ahead and commit to a larger production run, you’d like to see one full-size just to be sure. That’s your prototype. We’ve made plexiglass trophies etched with knives, and planes that were never really meant to fly, but if you can dream it, we can prototype it, show it to you, and when you love it, make 5. Or 100.