OSV Vehicle Wrap printed by ICL Imaging
OSV Vehicle Wrap printed by ICL Imaging
Athena's RV Vehicle Wrap printed by ICL Imaging
Athena's RV Vehicle Wrap printed by ICL Imaging
ICL Installing a Vehicle Wrap that we printed
ICL Installing a Vehicle Wrap that we printed
Installing Vehicle Wraps
Installing Vehicle Wraps
Installing Vehicle Wraps for Liberty Mutual printed by ICL Imaging
Installing Vehicle Wraps for Liberty Mutual printed by ICL Imaging
Comcast vehicle graphics
Comcast vehicle wrap
OSV Vehicle Wrap printed by ICL Imaging

It used to be that print advertisements were found only on posters, billboards, and sections of the daily paper, but vehicle wraps have changed that. We print Car Wraps, Truck Wraps, Van Wraps and Trailer Wraps. Show us the vehicle, and we can plan a layout for the graphics proposed.

We also do both partial and full vehicle coverings, allowing you to decide between simple fleet markings on the side of your automobile door and complete body wraps that turn the entire car into a canvas.

Today, promotional material can be found on just about anything to maximize visibility and reach out to as many customers as possible.

Vehicle wraps can turn any vehicle into an instant marketing platform.

Wraparound vehicle graphics are an innovative method of promotion, turning ordinary trucks into moving advertisements.

Although advertising material printed on vehicles is not a new concept, the idea of simply covering a van with an ad instead of painting over it has distinct benefits.

What was normally accomplished through intricate and time-consuming auto painting can now be easily done (and removed after use) thanks to vehicle wraps.

If you are interested in the convenience and efficiency of promotional vehicle graphics or fleet graphics, trust in the expertise of ICL Imaging.

We can print vehicle wraps for most automobile types: cars, vans, trucks, and even trailers.

Expert designers can fit any graphics you might have in mind for the automobile of your choice, and we offer both full and partial coverings.

Vehicle wraps cover everything

Let Vehicle Graphics and Vehicle Wraps turn your vehicle into an inexpensive moving billboard.

Vehicle Graphics and Wraps are an effective way to advertise and reach thousands of people every day.

Surely, many people come across your vehicle during their daily commutes, so why not turn your business vehicle into an effective marketing tool?

From Fleet Graphics to Vehicle Wraps, ICL has got you covered with over 10,000 vehicle templates on file and ready to go.

Stop traffic and get noticed with Fleet wraps, Truck wraps and Auto wraps.

Vehicle wraps cover everything from short-term promotions to longer identity branding campaigns.

We use 3M IJ180C adhesive vinyl for long term vehicle graphics. It is a 2-mil cast, vinyl film with excellent hiding properties. It conforms to all flat surfaces as well as compound curves.

The air release channels allow installers to move the trapped air bubbles under the vinyl to the edges where they dissipate.

This material is also good for Bus graphics, Rail car graphics as well as indoor and outdoor signs, including point-of-purchase.

See our page on File Prep for creating files.

For more information, see our Blog:

Vehicle Wrap Applications:

  • Boat Wraps  Long lasting outdoor adhesive vinyl decorates your boat
  • Bus Wraps  Advertise your message around the city
  • Car Wraps  Get noticed everywhere you go with car wraps
  • Truck Wraps  Colorful advertising for your business as you drive
  • Fleet Graphics  Long term fleet graphics brand your identity regionally or nation-wide
  • Trailer Wraps  Advertising on the go with huge trailer wraps
  • Train Wraps  A moving billboard carrying your message thousands of miles
  • Vehicle Wraps  Long term branding or short term promotion

Other Auto-Related/Outdoor-Based Print Products

ICL Imaging also offers other promotional print products that work similarly to vehicle wraps. We can create back-lit bus shelter graphics and other outdoor-specific advertising material to target pedestrians, public transit, and motorists alike. We use fade–resistant inks to create banners, posters, and other similar large format prints that resist the sun’s color-fading effects.

Get in touch with us by calling 800 660 3280 or 508 872 3280 for more information about our products and services or email us at information@icl-imaging.com.