Using a skilled installer is paramount to the success of your vehicle graphics job. ICL Imaging works with a nation-wide group of trained and certified skilled installers – some of whom we have enjoyed many years of doing business with.

ICL will deliver your graphics to the installer and will make all of the installation arrangements for you. If and when you decide to remove your vehicle graphics, contact us and we’ll arrange that for you too.

Vehicle wraps can sometimes be done on-site, otherwise it will be installed in an indoor bay at the installer’s location. Weather and temperature play a big part in deciding where and when it can be wrapped.

Your vehicle will usually be unavailable for most of the day, and depending on the size, type of vehicle, quantity of vehicles, and the amount of graphics being applied will determine the time needed.
To prolong the life of your new wrap Care & Maintenance is important.

Please contact us with any questions or to receive samples of the printing materials used. Specify whether you are looking for short-term or long-term graphics and the type of vehicle.

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VINYL BANNERS: Printing & Materials