VEHICLE GRAPHICS: Things to Consider


Vehicle Graphics turn your vehicle into an inexpensive moving billboard. Vehicle Graphics are an effective way to advertise and reach thousands of people every day. Print Car Wraps, Truck Wraps, Van Wraps and Trailer Wraps. From Fleet Graphics to Vehicle Wraps, ICL has got you covered with over 10,000 vehicle templates on file and ready to go. Whether it is a full vehicle wrap or a partial- you’ll stop traffic and get noticed everywhere with Fleet, Truck and Auto wraps.

Vehicle wraps cover everything from short-term promotions to longer identity branding campaigns through mobile marketing.
Things to consider;
Do you want to do a full wrap on your vehicle or a partial wrap. If you need a vehicle design template contact us with the make, model and year of your vehicle(s).  Will you be covering the windows on the side and rear with graphics?
Vehicle Wrap Applications:

  • Boat Wraps  Long lasting outdoor adhesive vinyl decorates your boat
  • Bus Wraps  Kings and Queens advertise your message around the city
  • Car Wraps  Get noticed everywhere you go with car wraps
  • Fleet Graphics  Long term fleet graphics brand your identity nation-wide
  • Trailer Wraps  Advertising on the go with huge trailer wraps
  • Train Wraps  A moving billboard carrying your message thousands of miles
  • Vehicle Wraps  Long term branding or short term promotion, vehicle wraps have you covered.


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