Miniluxe custom wall coverings by ICL Imaging
Miniluxe custom wall coverings by ICL Imaging
Custom Wall Coverings by ICL Imaging
Custom Wall Coverings by ICL Imaging
Perkin Elmer Waltham, Custom Wall Coverings by ICL Imaging
Perkin Elmer Waltham, Custom Wall Coverings by ICL Imaging
Wall Coverings printed and installed by ICL Imaging
Wall Coverings printed and installed by ICL Imaging
Wall Coverings printed and installed by ICL Imaging
Wall Coverings printed and installed by ICL Imaging
Wall Coverings printed and installed by ICL Imaging
Wall Coverings printed and installed by ICL Imaging
Lobby Display by ICL Imaging
Lobby Display by ICL Imaging

Wall Coverings & Installation

Wall Coverings, Lobby Signage, Conference Room Window Graphics, Installation Services, Removability, Wall Surface

Create striking images on your Lobby Walls to greet visitors.

Tell the story of your brand throughout your offices with Wall Murals.

We will perform a site visit and review different materials with you based on what you want to achieve.

Corporate Custom Wall Coverings

Turn your plain walls into an attention-grabbing message board for all your customers to see whenever you use Custom Wall Coverings.

Large wall murals breathe life into empty walls and spaces of your facility. ICL Imaging understands the impact a beautiful wall mural has on both your customers and your employees.

We use nothing but the finest printing materials to help you create truly bold, eye-catching, and durable murals to enhance the indoor décor of your facility.

How about Magnetic Wall Graphics?

The Right Material for the Job

The adhesive used to bind a mural to your walls depends on a variety of factors, including removability and wall surface. We offer a variety of murals for both short term and long term use. We survey your facility to help you identify the best materials to use for your mural. This way, you can be assured that your murals have been designed specifically for use in your store, guaranteeing maximum durability and visual appeal.

Our team of certified trained installers will take care of the rest.

Custom Wall Coverings Applications

Large wall murals and large format wall graphics work in a variety of settings. Enhance the appeal of an entire space. Our wall murals are often used for:

  • Brick Wall Coverings Adhesive Vinyl Images can bring life to empty walls
  • Corporate Interiors  Create your environment in your public space
  • Restaurants Transform plain walls into a theme with rich color images
  • Wall Coverings Turn your lobby walls into an attractive interior display

Transform your bare walls into the centerpiece of your facility with your own custom images. If your business requires large wall murals for your store or office, never settle for second best. ICL Imaging can and will produce the top quality wall graphics your business needs to enhance the look and ambiance of your facility.

With over 50 years of experience in the large format printing industry, you can count on us to get the job done right no matter how big or difficult your project may be.


~ 5 Things to Consider when Producing a Wall Mural ~

It comes down to 2 choices – Wallpaper or Adhesive Vinyl. Which is right for you?  

  1. Removability

How long do you plan on having the wall covering up? Less than a year or two, or longer term, up to 5 years or more.

Wallpaper: can be removed fairly easily if the walls have been properly primed prior to the installation. After the wallpaper is removed the walls can be lightly washed with soap and water to easily clean any residual adhesive remaining.

Adhesive Vinyl: The type, either permanent or removable, dictates how easily it will remove. Over the long-term, permanent adhesive vinyl will perform better than wallpaper but will be harder to remove. For short-term applications, a removable vinyl adhesive is the choice.

FABJET II is an adhesive backed fabric that is ultra removable, has excellent opacity, and water fast coating suitable for cleaning.

  1. Wall Surface

The surface texture of a wall can make or break the success of an installation for both adhesive vinyl and wallpaper.  Rough textures do not hold the adhesives well and will show through both materials.

Glossy painted walls are difficult to adhere to. Adhesive Vinyls won’t adhere very well to matte wall surfaces.

Eggshell paint is a terrible surface to bond to, except for the FABJET II!

Wall surfaces should be both clean and smooth.

For Wallpaper use a Shieldz brand primer product: Clear (for solid painted walls) or White (for new walls)

Adhesive Vinyl: Use a latex semi-gloss paint and allow to dry and cure for at least 2 weeks.

  1. Finished Look of Wall Mural

Adhesive Vinyl material requires overlapping seams due to the natural shrinkage of the material that will occur soon after installation. These small seams, depending on the artwork, can be noticeable. A vinyl adhesive material for long term use will need an overlam applied to it. Surface choices can be matte, lustre or gloss.

Wallpaper material can be overlapped, then double cut creating very tight seams with no overlap. Wallpaper materials come in a variety of surface textures, however, colors can appear a little flatter and less saturated than on adhesive vinyl. Wallpaper can allow for changes to be made after the installation. For instance, updating a timeline, adding to a list of award winners, etc.

  1.  Wall Variations 

Windows and door-frames can cause installation problems if the correct material is not used. If you want to cover your walls, door and window casings with a wall graphic, wallpaper is probably not going to work for you. Adhesive Vinyl will conform better to the corners and angles of the casings and will adhere better with its more aggressive adhesive.

  1. Installation

Before installation, walls should be spackled and sanded wherever necessary and then wiped clean.

Before hanging, determine if the wall should be primed with a white primer to lessen any possible color bleed-through. Priming promotes adhesion and less damaging removal.

Wallpaper: Shieldz brand primer products, Clear (for solid painted walls) and White (for new walls), need 2 days for drying before applying a mural.

Do not use latex paint as the wallpaper paste can soften the latex making the paper become part of the wall.

Adhesive Vinyl; It’s best to use a latex semi-gloss paint and allow to dry and cure for at least 2 weeks to eliminate the out gassing that will create bubbles under the wall mural material. You can also use Kilz brand primers. They have shown excellent results and reduce staining and bleed-through problems.  Allow at least 5 full days of drying for Kilz.

So what material should you use? Our experienced account representatives will be able to answer that question for you. Email us at, and we’ll be glad to review your wall-covering project and offer options to fit your environment and budget.

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