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ICL Imaging: Experts in POP, Point of Purchase Promotional Materials

This month we are honored to be featured by DPS Magazine. ICL Imaging’s large format POP point-of-purchase Retail Graphics and adhesive retail window graphics are seen in shops and malls in Boston and beyond.

100% Digitally Printed POP materials at ICL Imaging:

ICL Imaging uses a variety of roll-fed and flatbed printing equipment from Durst, EFI, Epson, Fujifilm, HP, and Mimaki. Its presses include the Durst Lambda 130 and 131, EFI VUTEk FabriVU 340, Epson SureColor S60600, Fujifilm Acuity Advance Select HS and Advance HS-X2, HP Latex 570, HP Scitex XL1500, and Mimaki JV33-160S, JV5-320S, and UJV55-320. The company also utilizes the Practix Manufacturing OK-12 heat transfer machine.

Cheese Boy Window Graphic printed by ICL Imaging
Cheese Boy Window Graphic printed by ICL Imaging

Eco-Friendly Digital Printing

ICL Imaging’s digital devices utilize UV, solvent, and latex inks as well as dye-sublimation for fabric. The shop stocks dozens of roll-fed and rigid substrates from a variety of suppliers. “When it comes to selecting media and substrates, we evaluate all aspects of performance and test extensively before deciding to bring on a new product,” explains Erik Scott, director of sales & marketing, ICL Imaging. “Color fidelity is important to us and our clients, so we constantly look for options that will perform consistently with high-quality results.”

Miniluxe custom wall coverings by ICL Imaging
Miniluxe custom wall coverings by ICL Imaging

Finishing the Job: Cutting, Laminating, and Mounting

The majority of ICL Imaging’s POP products require finishing. The shop has three cutting devices—the MultiCam 3000 CNC Router, Gerber MCT Cutter, and SummaSign S2 T160. Additional finishing devices include the AGL 6400 hot/cold laminator, AGL mounting press, and GBC Orca III Pro-Tech hot/cold laminator.

As a digital shop, ICL Imaging values quick turnaround to meet retail launch deadlines. “Of course, color output will vary across devices, so we continuously profile each and every substrate we print on, on each machine where it can be printed,” says Scott. This allows PMS matches and other necessary color corrections to be completed with minimal impact to the production schedule and process.

Panera Bread Window Graphics
Panera Bread Window Graphics by ICL Imaging

Experience Counts

ICL Imaging occasionally faces challenges producing POP materials. According to Mark Eaton, director of operations, ICL Imaging, experience is the most common denominator when it comes to problem solving. “Our well-seasoned staff usually sees most of the more common issues that arise and already have solutions for them.”

However, there are new materials and material combinations as well as installation surfaces that require the shop to find special solutions. The most recent is the use of low or no volatile organic compound paints on wall surfaces. According to Eaton, these paints take longer to wet out and require different adhesive formulas to adhere to them. “Pretesting is the best solution in this case because often we do not know what type of paint was used, so we provide a test kit to use in order to determine how to proceed and what material might give the best result.”

Materials can also change, even if the print provider purchases them from the same supplier. To combat this, ICL Imaging often reacts to those changes by reprofiling materials and re-testing them.

POP for All

There are endless display options when it comes to digitally printed POP signage. ICL Imaging takes advantage of this by utilizing a variety of digital presses and valuing quick turnaround to meet retail launch deadlines.

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