Case Studies: Large Format Printing Projects

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Architectural Graphics

Our client needed to create dramatic impact to draw attention and convey a family focused environment. See Case Studies for the solution.

ICL printed acoustical wall covering for this cruise ship
Acoustical wall covering for cruise ship


Our client wanted large, portable, easy to set up graphics, free standing without any exhibit hardware.

ICL printed this event graphic on 16 foot fabric
ICL printed this event graphic on 16 foot fabric

Outdoor Advertising

Clients are always looking for new ways to advertise. They want graphics that will withstand the elements and maximize budget dollars.

ICL printed and wrapped these concrete columns at Logan Airport
ICL printed and wrapped these concrete columns at Boston Logan International Airport

Retail Graphics

Our retail clients demand short to medium runs of high quality graphics that can be produced quickly and affordably, then kitted and packed, and shipped to multiple locations.

ICL created for Clarks retail stores these lacy cut outs for their windows
ICL created lacy window cut outs for Clarks retail stores

Trade Show & Exhibit Graphics

Trade Show clients want a wide variety of exhibit graphic media, fabric, paper, vinyl and more. And they want portable hardware, custom printing, tension fabric and complete finishing services.

ICL printed and fitted these trade show graphics onto this magnetic pop-up
Trade Show graphics printed and fitted onto magnetic pop-up structure by ICL Imaging

Vehicle Graphics

Clients need to advertise their products and services consistently and economically. Here’s how!

ICL printed and installed these vehicle graphics
Vehicle Graphics

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