Blog Trade Show Graphics: 5 Things You Need to Know.

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5 Things You Need to Know

  • What determines lead-times?
  • How long will you need for proofing?
  • Can shorter lead times limit your graphic options?
  • Will your proof be printed on the same material as the final?
  • What size should your proof be? How about a Mag Test?

A good PSP will pre-flight your files as soon as they arrive and compare it to the information on the trade show graphic order. Beware; print files typically come in with missing fonts, missing attachments, images that are too low in resolution to print from or the proportions of the image don’t proportion out to the sizes of the graphics required.

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Exhibit by BlueHIve, Exhibit Graphics by ICL Imaging. Blog Trade Show Graphics
Exhibit by BlueHIve, Exhibit Graphics by ICL Imaging Blog. Trade Show Graphics