PRE-EVENT PLANNING: Trade Show & Exhibit Graphics


Prepare a schedule of all the due dates needed to have a successful Trade Show. Determine the show opening date and work backwards creating a list of deadlines for your different items. What’s the set-up date and when is the deadline for advanced receiving?

Trade Show & Exhibit Graphics, you should also know what the rules are for displaying graphics, banners and other signage. This will put limits your on graphic sizes.

Do you have an existing trade show booth or are you going to be purchasing or renting one – you’ll need to know the size of the exhibit hardware and what are the graphic panel sizes and how do they attach – by hangars, magnetic tape or Velcro?

If your graphics are flexible and roll-able – the shipping container can be lighter and smaller than if they are rigid substrates – which may require a larger crate for shipping.

Will you need to hire a graphic designer to create your graphics or are you using an existing print file. The designer will have to know the graphic sizes and when you’ll need the file. Get the production lead-time from your PSP (Print Service Provider) and always build in another day or 2.

Now check, does this allow you enough lead time to meet your deadline?

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LEAD TIMES: Trade Show & Exhibit Graphics