Scan SizeScan Size for Large Format Printing

Determining the correct scan size can be complicated. Consideration must be given to variables like final output size, viewing distance, and output devices. We recommend  you contact our Customer Service team; they will do the calculating for you and recommend both an optimum and a minimum scan size for your intended output.


For Scan Size Inquiries:

(508) 872-3280


DPI at Final Size for Output Devices

INK JET             This process requires a resolution of 100 DPI.

DYE SUB           This process requires a resolution of 100 DPI.

HP10K, V150    This process requires a resolution of 100 DPI.

HP XL1500        This process requires a resolution of 100 DPI

Page Layout, Dimensions, Proportions and Bleed

It’s important to establish the correct size and proportions at the beginning of the design. Please note that it is not necessary to put a project together at 100% of the final size in your page layout. Pages can be built at 50% or 25% of scale so long as the project’s dimensions are proportional to the desired final size. For example: if the final printed size is 48×96, you can prepare the page layout at 24×48. We will magnify your file to the final dimensions prior to printing the job.

Please add a 1/2″ bleed around all the final print dimensions. If you are designing with a 50% or a 25% scale, the bleed should be set at 1/4? or 1/8? to avoid unnecessary cost.


  1. Did you include both the Screen and Printer Fonts?
  2. Are all support files included? (i.e. high res files, image files)
  3. Did you include an up-to-date B&W or Color print out of the files?
  4. Did you specify all PMS colors on your laser?
  5. Are the scans the correct file size for the size and output device? (Call our customer service team if you are unsure) Did you specify final output size and check proportions?
  6. Are there any special color matching instructions?
  7. Have you included artwork, chromes or negatives for scanning?
  8. Have you indicated any special retouching instructions? Proof?
  9. Did you delete those files that are not part of your final image?

Save Your Work

It is best practice to save your work in the native format of the application that you are working in, i.e., Illustrator .ai; Quark Xpress .qxd. We accept PDFs but be aware that editing and correcting them can be limited. If you will be providing us with production ready PDF, please use our PDF Job Options. Please note that you may have to adjust the Marks and Bleeds setting to ensure that the proper bleed is printed.

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