WINDOW GRAPHICS: Things to Consider


There are many types of materials available to you.  The right one to use will depend on how it will be used and for how long.

You need to specify whether it is for indoors or outdoors.  How long do you want it to last? What about removability?  Which side is right-reading and by this I mean will it be viewed from the inside looking out, or from the outside looking in, will it have copy?  Do you want it to be opaque for double sided reading or be translucent where one side will be right reading but the other side type would be reversed.

Adhesive films and specially formulated durable calendared vinyls with either permanent or removable and ultra low tack adhesives are available.  Depending on the longevity needed or changeability required would make one film more desirable than another.

Low tack pressure sensitive adhesive bonds well and removes cleanly.  It is simple to remove and also re-positionable.  Some films have an air flow release liner making installations much easier by allowing trapped air between the glass and film channels to escape – thus removing wrinkles and bubbles.

Many of these films come with a 3 year outdoor warranty and premium films up to a 5 year outdoor warranty.

Applications include retail point of purchase displays, window advertising, visual barriers, glass design elements and trade shows.

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