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Vinyl Building Wrap by ICL Imaging
Vinyl Building Wrap by ICL Imaging

About Us and Specialty Large Format Printing Projects

ICL Imaging is New England’s full-service large format printer with over 60 years experience in printing Specialty Projects. Our best practices and experienced people set us apart.  Specialty Large Format Printing Projects are our specialty!

We offer you a vast array of materials including, quick change-out Magnetic Systems, Fabric, Vinyl, Mesh, Backlit Transparencies, and top quality Photographic Paper. We have over 500 materials you can choose from – and we’ll make the choice easy for you! Samples available.


Critical color matching to your specified colors with our PMS based profile system for speed and accuracy. Our triple check quality control process and on-time delivery system will meet your deadline.


Four Customer Service Reps, Eight Outside Account Executives and 37 Production and Administration employees will guarantee your satisfaction and ease of doing business.


At ICL, we focus on all the details that support your ultimate success. When you want consistent quality delivered on time and on budget –

Call ICL Imaging (800) 660 – 3280

Specialty Large Format Printing Projects

  1. Burt’s Bees
  2. Logan Airport
  3. Franklin Park Zoo
  4. Carnival Cruise Ship
  5. Dunkin Donuts Column Wraps
Burt's Bees Sink Graphics by ICL Imaging
Burt’s Bees Sink Graphics

Burt’s Bees wanted to do a road show to demonstrate their products. They needed sinks and running water for the demonstrations. We didn’t handle the water, however we did receive the sinks. They had to be disassembled and then graphics were applied and then they were reassembled. The road show was a BIG hit.


Franklin Park Zoo Playground Graphics by ICL Imaging
Franklin Park Zoo Playground Graphics

Franklin Park Zoo wanted to spruce up their new playground area by making it more colorful and child friendly. They reached out to their designer to create cartoon like animal images that would wrap around the playground structures. ICL printed these images on a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). The pieces that made up the animals were then cut into a variety of shapes and sizes in order to wrap around the different playground structures. Keeping track of each piece and where it would be adhered was the challenge. The day of the install was very hot. Our installers worked from early morning till the end of the day wrapping every piece of the playground structures to create this very friendly and inviting playground. The kids loved it.


ICL printed acoustical wall covering for this cruise ship
ICL printed acoustical wall covering for this cruise ship

Carnival Cruise lines wanted to cover certain areas of one of their ships with printed acoustical wall-coverings. ICL worked with their designer to source and test different materials that would be acceptable to the rigorous rules of the cruise line industry. The material had to meet strict guidelines including fire resistance and health guidelines. Once the material was approved we began testing it for dye-sublimation printing. The base white on this material was closer to a light tan color – which meant we had to adjust our color settings to compensate for the non-white substrate then for the correct colors to be printed.

The design was of the Zodiac, with stars and planet shapes connected with lines making up the figures of the Zodiac. The material had artificial color brighteners added to it during the manufacturing process. We printed the designated colors on the material with the exception of where the Zodiac elements were. These areas were left unprinted. At night when the room lights were turned down, black lights lit up the new wall-coverings causing the constellations of the Zodiac to glow in the dark. Really cool!


ICL printed and wrapped these concrete columns at Logan Airport
ICL printed and wrapped these concrete columns at Logan Airport

Dunkin Donuts Column Wraps made the concrete support columns look like giant coffee cups. This project involved critical measuring and product testing to come up with just the right solution. The graphics would be outdoors for several months and had to withstand the harsh New England weather. Installation also proposed a logistical challenge with the traffic and location of these columns along the roadway.

The material chosen to perform the best was a reinforced vinyl. We welded heavy duty webbing to the printed vinyl then installed brass grommets with teeth into the vinyl and webbing. The large banners were then wrapped around the columns like a giant girdle and then laced together.  Specialty Large Format Printing Projects are very important to us.


Large Format Printing Samples. Printed by ICL Imaging, Large Format Printing & Solutions near Boston, MA
Large Format Printing Samples by ICL Imaging


What do you want to cover – Walls, Display Racks, Windows or Floors? How long do you want the graphics to be in place? Print materials can be opaque, translucent, and transparent, with or without adhesive. Materials can be made of paper, poly-vinyl, polyester, fabric, Mylar and more! Adhesives can be removable or permanent.

If the graphic is going on a window, will it be viewed from both sides or just one side? How about opaqueness that will block out the light or would you rather have a translucent graphic?

Today’s outdoor and indoor vinyl products are designed to adhere easily to coarse textured rough surfaces. Specialty vinyl can be heated so it will become thin and shrink into the texture of the wall it is being applied to, like concrete, brick, stucco, and pavement. It will look like it’s been painted on instead of applied to as it conforms to the channels of mortar joints.

Once the product has conformed to the material it has no memory left and will adhere to the surface. 3M says, “This segment can stretch up to 150 percent and maintain lift resistance. For example, a ten-inch piece of film elongates up to 15 inches.”

Many of these products will last outdoors from 6 months to a year and adhere to either painted or unpainted surfaces. Contact ICL Imaging for more information on our materials. We have the widest selection of inventory and the largest selection of printing options in New England and this allows us to do Specialty Large Format Printing Projects.


Outdoor Mural for Worcester Art Museum printed by ICL Imaging, Large Format Printing & Solutions near Boston, MA
Outdoor Mural


Think of the longevity of the graphic and how it will come in contact with human traffic and degrees of vandalism and wear and tear. Over-laminates can help protect the image and retard color fading as well.

If the graphic is outside, you will need to think about the temperature, wind and sunlight. If the graphic is in a window indoors, it should have a UV laminate fade protection from the sun.


Worcester Art Museum advertising with this printed banner by ICL Imaging. It's new collection is called"Knights" .
Museum advertising with printed banner by ICL Imaging


We’ve been installing graphics for years and have built up a wonderful team of certified installers nation-wide. With over 60 years of experience – you can count on us to get the job done right.

So if you are looking for cost effective ideas to increase sales and traffic, contact us today!


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ICL Imaging is New England’s full service large format printer offering a wide selection of materials and output devices to handle any graphic size, up to 16 seamless feet wide.

We’ve built our 60-year reputation on guaranteed customer satisfaction and high-quality production, with best practices and experienced people that set us apart.


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