ICL Imaging Wins Industry Creative Award for Thinking Big


ICL Imaging, specialists in large format digital and photographic printing, has been named a national Merit Award winner in the 2005 PMA/PPFA Promotional Competition for their extraordinary “Think Big” photographs and direct mail poster series.

These unique promotional packages were conceived and designed for ICL by Grant Marketing. The winning “Think Big” photographs featured a large, colorful image of a cool, contemporary businessman with a glowing light bulb head, and a giant daisy-like flower in vivid orange. Accompanying the posters were “Think Big”  themed promotional copy and a special offer to receive a giant light bulb desk lamp in the first mailing, or a large potted flowering plant in the second, just for scheduling a meeting with ICL.

Both poster mailings demonstrated ICL’s state-of-the-art standard in producing sharp, highly detailed, brightly colored large format photographic images. ICL Imaging has been providing outstanding large format printing and display solutions in the New England Area for 50 years. Official presentation of the award was made in February 2006 at the PMA Convention in Orlando, Florida.

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