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Finishing Options for Banners from ICL Imaging

Depending on the end use of your banner and how it will be displayed, there are a few different techniques used to finish banner edges. Listed below are some of the more commonly used finishing options.

Hemming: The edge of the banner is turned over on itself and then sewn over with thread, to strengthen the edge of the banner. This can be done with fabric and vinyl banners. Rope can also be sewn into the edge seam if the end product will be tied to an object.

Grommets: A reinforced metal ring that is fastened through the hem of the banner. The grommet is one of the most versatile ways to finish a banner, as nearly anything can be used to fasten the banner if it can pass through the grommet. Our grommets come in various sizes in black, silver or brass

Pole Sleeves: Also called “pole-hems” or “pole pockets”. These are similar to a hem, but extra material is added to the fold, to create a sleeve through which a pole can later be inserted. Be sure to specify the pole diameter size. A good rule of thumb to use is that the pocket size should be 2 times the pole size.

Sheer-cutting: For some banners you can simply cut the edges of the banner with a razor knife and a straight-edge, to give the banner a clean look. Using a hot knife can stop the material from fraying. Finishing with a heat knife is standard on all of our banners unless otherwise specified.

Backing or Interliner: Some banners are given a backing or interliner in order to make the banner more opaque. If a banner has an image on both sides, an interliner is added to prevent light from passing through either side. A backing is placed on a single-sided banner to make the fabric’s color more vibrant and to add more body to the banner.

Wind slits: Outdoor banners that will be subject to high winds or the environment for extended periods of time, need extra finishing. Wind slits should be cut into the face of the vinyl to allow air to pass through the banner. A nylon webbing reinforcement is also sewn into the hem of the banner. ICL Imaging always uses reinforced vinyl for all of our outdoor banners.

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