Floor Graphic by ICL Imaging
Floor Graphic by ICL Imaging

Applications of Floor Graphics

  • Retail; Space is expensive, use every bit of it with floor advertising
  • Events; Directional signage on the floor will show them the way
  • Promotions; Promote in-store events with floor graphics
  • Trade Shows; Enhance the experience and attract visitors into your booth
  • Museums; Subtle floor images reinforce the exhibit and act as way-finders.
Floor Graphics are used for a variety of venues and are in high demand due to their many advantages. However, special adhesives must be used to guarantee the performance. ICL Imaging will always test your surfaces to make sure of the compatibility of the adhesive.  Don’t settle for anything less!
Floor Graphics by ICL Imaging
Floor Graphics by ICL Imaging

Floor Graphics can set a space apart, not to mention brand the products location.  Imagine a busy grocery aisle with a “Natural Products” section.  By applying Floor Graphics, this section becomes visually engaging creating interest instead of getting lost among the other products.

ICL Imaging understands the many challenges of choosing the proper adhesive materials for your environment.  Indoor materials used outdoors will end in failure, in addition Short Term materials used Long Term will not work either. What amount of human traffic will be walking on your floors?  Choosing the right type of adhesive and OSHA approved slip resistant over-laminates will protect your floor graphics and of course make them stick.  We’ll help you find the right combination of materials as well as sending you samples of them.

Uses of Floor Graphics

Check List; Inside or Outside, Low or High Human Traffic, Long Term or Short Term, Rough or Smooth Surfaces, Concrete or Vinyl Tiles,

Most floor graphics are used for less than 30 days.  They are great for short term promotions, additionally they can be used longer both inside and outside with the right combination of materials.


Indoor Uses

According to studies, floor graphics can affect the way customers feel about a product, not to mention increase sales. Floor Arrows will easily direct customers to specials not to mention reduce stress.  Creative environments with various combinations of printed floor graphics like natural wood, pebbled surfaces or other visuals will in a like manner – enhance the buyers shopping experience.

Longevity can be up to 5 years depending on foot traffic.


Floor Graphics by ICL Imaging
Floor Graphics by ICL Imaging

Outdoor Uses

We rely on strong adhesives to adhere our Floor Graphics securely on irregular surfaces such as pavement and side-walks. Changing weather conditions of snow, sun and rain coupled with drastic temperature swings can affect the adhesion performance of the vinyl if outdoor materials are not used.  Outdoor Floor Graphic materials must be thicker and stronger to withstand the rigors of weather, pedestrian as well as vehicle traffic.

Materials must conform to irregular surfaces and bond securely to prevent edges and corners from lifting.  Finally the material must be removable without causing damage to the ground to which it is bonded to and equally important be removed without leaving a residue mess.

To create a safe walking surface the floor graphic is laminated with an OSHA approved non-slip material. This material also contains a UV barrier film to retard fading.  The over-lam will also prevent wear and tear on the graphic material.

Longevity can be up to 18 months depending on climate and traffic.

Floor Graphics & Color Management

When it comes to matching color, we pride ourselves on our Color Management PMS based profile system for speed and accuracy.  To ensure that we produce the color swatch that you want, be specific about using Pantone name colors in your document. Make sure that the color type is set to Spot Color and not process color.

Floor Graphics by ICL Imaging
Floor Graphics by ICL Imaging
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