ICL Imaging asked our clients, have you ever had a retractable bannerstand graphic become unattached from the top profile?

We asked this question because on occasion we get some retractable bannerstands back from clients to repair an unattached graphic.

First we confirmed that we were using the correct adhesive tape and were applying it correctly. Then we discussed possible ways that the graphic could be handled – and how much pressure it would take to remove the top profile.

What we found out was that depending on the media substrate being used, the force to remove the top profile piece varied.  We also found out that by releasing the graphic from the highest position and letting it fall rapidly into the canister would cause the profile to either become looser with each drop – or to come off altogether.

Warnings on how to release the graphic are now given to clients who purchase retractable bannerstands. The problem still exists though when impatient sales reps are in a hurry to take down the graphic.  After attending and exhibiting at many trade shows, I know what it is like at the end of the last show day.  Let’s get out of here as quickly as we can and grab a beer – but don’t let go of that graphic!
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